Bacon Wiki

Bacon is no longer just for eating. It can be an accessory to complete your outfit or to keep your money in. Here is just one more way to show off your love for bacon and publicize you fanaticism.


Picture 1
  • Bacon Cuff Links- When the bacon tie is a little to showy try the more subtle cuff links to add the bacon flair.
  • Bacon Watch- What time is it? Bacon time! Always know what time it is when you wear your bacon watch.
  • Bacon Hair Clips- Although you may not think that bacon in your hair sounds like a good idea ... think again.
Picture 14
  • Bacon Earrings- Bacon earrings are the perfect way to show of how much you love bacon
    Bacon earrings
  • Bacon Necklace- If you aren't willing to put real bacon around your neck here is the next best thing.
  • Bacon Bracelet- If you don't need a bacon watch you can still be stylish with a bacon
    Bacon hair

Bags and wallets[]

  • Bacon Briefcase- Bacon isn't just something you eat for breakfast is can also be a means for carrying things to work.
  • Bacon and Egg Tote bag- Bring home the bacon in a new bacon tote bag.
  • Bacon Wallet- You may not want to keep you bacon in here but money is a fitting option. Just make sure to wash your hands after handling this accessory.


Picture 16
  • Bacon Belt- Don't let you bacon addiction show around your midriff, unless it is in the form of the snazzy belt.
  • Bacon Gloves-Warm up with some, non-greasy, bacon in the form of gloves on a chilly morning.
  • Bacon Key Chain- Add this piece to your keys and everyone will know what your favorite meat it.
Picture 19
  • Bacon iPhone case- Protect your technology with the case also looks delicious.
  • Bacon Scarf- Try a very realistic looking felted bacon scarf with you favorite outfit.
Bacon shoes
  • Bacon Shoes- Caution when wearing these shoes, be careful not to look down at your feet too often. May cause hunger.