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“RITZ Bacon is artificially flavored to encapsulate the savory taste of bacon we all love into the perfect RITZ Cracker combination...” --Nabisco press release

As we all know, bacon is awesomely perfect.

Ritz crackers are likewise also perfect. We know this because they are "perfecter" with cheese and bacon.

But the "most perfectest" of all? BACON FLAVORED RITZ CRACKERS!

For many years, there have been bacon-flavored crackers, to various degrees of success, but these are stand-alone awesome. Or with a dab of cheese. Enjoy them anywhere; they are really good...

...though not quite as good as the real thing; savor the real thing with regular Ritz and be reminded of why bacon is just. Plain. AWESOME!

Other varieties do exist.

Oh, yeah... they are supposedly vegan.