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Canadian bacon is a type of bacon used on Pizza or English muffin commercially available breakfast sandwiches. It is made out of Back bacon. Canadian bacon is usually cut in squares, or circles instead of strips.

When cut in circles, it is the perfect shape for hamburgers. It is popularly used in breakfast sandwiches in many fast-food chains, combining Canadian bacon with egg and cheese in an English muffin or biscuit.

Users should be wary; often simple ham is packaged as "Canadian bacon", but it has neither the flavor, texture or shape of the real thing.


The term is not used in Canada, where "bacon" traditionally refers to common unsmoked back bacon.

The name may have arisen in the US from a unique form of back bacon which emerged in Southern Ontario called Peameal Bacon, which is unsmoked wet cured pork loin trimmed like Canadian bacon and traditionally rolled in ground dried yellow peas to extend its shelf life. Today it is generally rolled in yellow cornmeal.