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BArium CObalt Nitrogen

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When you enjoy bacon periodically

Seems like everyone has a different way of eating these days. Just at ThinkGeek World Domination HQ we have the carnivores, the pescatarians, the vegetarians, the vegans, and then there's our copywriter monkey who claims to be 100% vegetarian 80% of the time, which requires higher math when we pick a lunch place. Then there was this one guy we met who said he was vegetarian up until the point he smelled bacon cooking. So periodically, he was what we like to call bacontarian. We suggest bacontarianism as an alternative to your already presumably alternative eating habits. Plus, it kind of sounds like a religion. So when someone asks what you believe in, you can say, "Bacon."

The chemical formula for bacon (okay, it's not... but it SPELLS bacon... we do NOT recommend you attempt to eat this combination of elements), Barium, Cobalt, and Nitrogen, printed with their atomic properties in white on a charcoal grey, 100% cotton t-shirt.

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The Inevitable Question Answered[]

Nitrogen is a non-reactive gas and cobalt doesn't really react. Barium usually reacts heavily with water and oxygen, But if all 3 are in a hermetic vessel not much should happen. If the vessel were opened, the nitrogen would simply evaporate and reaction heat from the barium might melt down the cobalt and form some nasty barium, cobalt and barium oxide, alloy or other such stuff.